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Current information on Corona Covid-19 situation in Tenerife

What to know about your stay in Tenerife ?

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• Currently (March 13th 2020) 58 cases of confirmed Corona infections are public
• Our lettings are in the south of Tenerife
• Lots of spaces on our Fincas, enough private space and distance to neighbours

An Italian doctor who worked at Shenzhen Hospital in China has been appointed by the Chinese government to the Wuhan Pneumonia Virus Study Team or Corona Virus. He wrote a very interesting article, the summary of which is given below:

- If a person has a runny nose with sputum, they are not infected with the corona virus, because pneumonia causes a dry cough without a runny nose. This is the easiest way to identify it.

It's also good to know that the corona virus is not heat-resistant and dies at a temperature of 26 to 27 degrees. So drink lots of hot water like tea and infusions. It is not a cure, but it is good for the body. Drinking hot water is effective in killing all viruses. Expose yourself to the sun when it's winter.

- The virus is quite large (the cell has a diameter of approx. 400-500 nm) so that any normal mask (not just the 3M N95 mask) can filter it. However, if someone who is infected sneezes in front of you, they will spread about 3 meters before falling to the ground. that is, it is floating in the air.

- If the virus falls on a metal surface, it lives for at least 12 hours. So remember that if you come into contact with a metal surface, wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

- The virus can remain active in the tissue for 6-12 hours. Normal detergent kills the virus. Winter clothing that does not need to be washed daily should be placed in the sun to kill the virus.

Information about the symptoms of pneumonia caused by the corona virus:
- First it infects the throat, then it feels like a dry sore throat in the throat that lasts 3 to 4 days.
- Then the virus melts into the nasal fluid and drips into the trachea and gets into the lungs, causing Wuhan's pneumonia. This process takes 5 to 6 days.
- A condition of pneumonia, high fever and difficulty breathing will follow. A stuffy nose is not like a normal stuffy nose. You will feel like you are drowning in the water. It is important to see a doctor immediately if you feel this.

About prevention:
- The most common way to get infected is to touch things like handrails, door handles, handles on the bus, etc. in public. Therefore, you should wash your hands frequently. The virus can only live in your hands for 5-10 minutes, but many things can happen in these 5-10 minutes, e.g. B. rubbing your eyes.

- It is recommended to gargle with Betadine to remove or minimize germs while they are still in the throat (before dripping into the lungs).

On availability and final price

Your request will be checked with our booking data in real time, so availability status is up to date. However, availability can change during your request due to unreviewed offers. We recommend to book directly (check the mark in our contact form), not just to request. The final price includes towels, bath gowns, bed linen and final cleaning, and, if applicable, any discount or additional charge.

On children (up to 6 years)

Please give the number of children up to 6 years Children up to 2 years: Baby bed and high chair 40€ for the whole stay. Children up to 6 years: childrens bed and high chair 10€ per night. If you would like to have your children accomodated in their own room, please make sure, the number of bedrooms fits your needs. Each additional bedroom will be charged.

On bedrooms and pricing

Please enter the amount of bedrooms you’ll need, final price will be computed by number of bedrooms. Additionally we have a different price per letting based on the number of bedrooms in use. If you book with children 3–6 years old, you do not need to change the number of bedrooms, else a higher price will be computed

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