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On availability and final price

Your request will be checked with our booking data in real time, so availability status is up to date. However, availability can change during your request due to unreviewed offers. We recommend to book directly (check the mark in our contact form), not just to request. The final price includes towels, bath gowns, bed linen and final cleaning, and, if applicable, any discount or additional charge.

On children (up to 6 years)

Please give the number of children up to 6 years Children up to 2 years: Baby bed and high chair 40€ for the whole stay. Children up to 6 years: childrens bed and high chair 10€ per night. If you would like to have your children accomodated in their own room, please make sure, the number of bedrooms fits your needs. Each additional bedroom will be charged.

On bedrooms and pricing

Please enter the amount of bedrooms you’ll need, final price will be computed by number of bedrooms. Additionally we have a different price per letting based on the number of bedrooms in use. If you book with children 3–6 years old, you do not need to change the number of bedrooms, else a higher price will be computed

Airport Tenerife South (TFS)

We recommend our guests to travel to airport Tenerife South (TFS) Reina Sofia

TFS Airport Distance Time by car
Finca Montimar (Chio) 25 miles 35 min.
Finca SanJuan Batista 25 miles 35 min.
Finca Alcalá 23 miles 25 min.
Villa Andalucía (Chayofa) 10 miles 15 min.

Catering from spanish chef in your holidays

Let yourself be spoiled by a culinary chef who comes to your holiday home or apartment and prepare traditional Spanish dishes for you. With us you can always book a Spanish chef. He will prepare a barbecue or a paella.


Here are some suggestions from our offer:

Barbeque (Suggestion)

Appetizers: Guacamole (Advocado cream), nachos (potato), Spanish tortilla (potato gratin), salads, 3 different sauces, garlic, cheese, ham Cerrano, grilled sausage. Dates wrapped in bacon.

Main course: Various Spanish garlic sausages, beef steak, grilled chicken, ribs, fish and Kottelet. Spanish potatoes salad

Dessert: Chocolate mousse

Drinks: sangria, water, soft drinks

Prices: from 30€ per person
Special requests such as alcoholic beverages, lobster, oysters, etc are extra.

Paella (Suggestion)

Appetizers, dessert and drinks as above.

Our chef also offers a paella on (the Spanish national dish).
You can get a paella with fish, sea food and rabbit, this is the original version.
Or only with chicken.
And squid in the starter, or even two different ones.

Prices: from 30€ per person

Breakfast from 10 Persons

We offer to host 10 people or more (paying people), a breakfast buffet.

Coffee or tea
Bread and brioche or croissant
Butter or margarine
Jam and honey
1 Boiled egg
Meat and cheese
Tomatoes or cucumbers
Orange juice

Prices: 25€ per person / day
Children (free under 4 years) from 4 to 8 years half price

S.O.S package (Late arrivals, or on Sundays)

We offer you to take a little SOS - package to be deposited in the package holiday.

  • 1 litre of milk
  • 250 g butter
  • 6 organic eggs
  • 1 glass of marmelade
  • 1 pack of coffee
  • 1 package of coffee filters
  • 1 package of sugar
  • 250 g cheese
  • 1 packet toast

Prices: 25€ per person


Catering facilities, meeting rooms

Teneriffa Finca Montimar

Veranstaltungszelt für bis zu 50 Personen

Teneriffa Finca Montimar: Veranstaltungszelt
Miete: siehe Preisliste.

Location El Cielo ansehen


Fragen Sie das Veranstaltungszelt El Cielo über unser Kontaktformular an

Teneriffa Finca SanJuan Batista

Veranstaltungsraum für bis zu 40 Personen

Teneriffa Finca San Juan: Veranstaltungsort El Rancho
Miete: siehe Preisliste.

Location El Rancho ansehen


Fragen Sie das Veranstaltungszelt El Rancho über unser Kontaktformular an

Der Süden von Teneriffa