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Travelling Tenerife in group:
Corporate Event, family party, retreat or workshop

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On availability and final price

Your request will be checked with our booking data in real time, so availability status is up to date. However, availability can change during your request due to unreviewed offers. We recommend to book directly (check the mark in our contact form), not just to request. The final price includes towels, bath gowns, bed linen and final cleaning, and, if applicable, any discount or additional charge.

On children (up to 6 years)

Please give the number of children up to 6 years Children up to 2 years: Baby bed and high chair 40€ for the whole stay. Children up to 6 years: childrens bed and high chair 10€ per night. If you would like to have your children accomodated in their own room, please make sure, the number of bedrooms fits your needs. Each additional bedroom will be charged.

On bedrooms and pricing

Please enter the amount of bedrooms you’ll need, final price will be computed by number of bedrooms. Additionally we have a different price per letting based on the number of bedrooms in use. If you book with children 3–6 years old, you do not need to change the number of bedrooms, else a higher price will be computed

Airport Tenerife South (TFS)

We recommend our guests to travel to airport Tenerife South (TFS) Reina Sofia

TFS Airport Distance Time by car
Finca Montimar (Chio) 25 miles 35 min.
Finca SanJuan Batista 25 miles 35 min.
Finca Alcalá 23 miles 25 min.
Villa Andalucía (Chayofa) 10 miles 15 min.

Rent a whole resort for your event. Up to 40 sleeps for your incentive, retreat, anniversary, meeting, workshop, summer school, convention or family party. 30 minutes from TFS airport. Ask for our catering offers, meeting rooms and additional services

Corporate event, club vacation or familiy party in Tenerife south

Do you want a business motivation or a meeting to be held in the sun? Do you come with a larger company for a wedding or to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary? Are you planning a vacation with your club? Ask multiple objects on a Finca or a villa very simple with our contact form, we will make a suitable offer! You will appreciate all the amenities of our facilities around your personal schedule.

Please do request all group offers individually here.

All bedrooms with double beds can be switched to single beds on request.

Reviews from our guests

Group facilities

Finca Montimar: El Cielo

Group facility "El Cielo" at Finca Montimar (Firm tent, ca. 50 persones) has a kitchen and facilities for finca parties and events. In front of the tent a BBQ/oven and further seats are available.
See details for El Cielo
rent see price list
» What catering options do we offer?

Finca SanJuan (Batista): El Rancho

Group facility Oasis "El Rancho" at Finca SanJuan (Batista), up to 50 pesons,sports a fully equipped kitchen and a charcoal BBQ, large fridge, baking oven and dish washer.
(to be rented separately)
See details for El Rancho
rent see price list
» What catering options do we offer?

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Finca Montimar Total

Finca Montimar Total:

up to 43
29 sleeps in single beds or double beds
(~43€/day per person, when fully booked)
+ 14 sleeps on sofa beds
(~34€/day per person, when fully booked)

15 bedrooms

1225.0€ - 1455.0€

Event tent "El Cielo" for up to 50 persons, sports facilities, catering on request (breakfast buffet or dinner)

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Finca SanJuan Batista Total

Finca SanJuan Batista Total:

up to 34
27 sleeps in single beds or double beds
(~49€/day per person, when fully booked)
+ 7 sleeps on sofa beds
(~43€/day per person, when fully booked)

14 bedrooms

1300.0€ - 1440.0€

Oasis "El Rancho" - event room for up to 40 persons, outdoor kitchen with BBQ, pool site bar, catering on request (breakfast or dinner)

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Villa Andalucia

Villa Andalucia:

up to 25
20 sleeps in single beds or double beds
(~21€/day per person, when fully booked)
+ 5 sleeps on sofa beds
(~38€/day per person, when fully booked)

10 bedrooms

405.0€ - 930.0€

pool site bar, outdoor dining for groups, BBQ facilities, catering on request (dinner)

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Finca Alcala Total

Finca Alcala Total:

up to 22
18 sleeps in single beds or double beds
(~49€/day per person, when fully booked)
+ 4 sleeps on sofa beds
(~44€/day per person, when fully booked)

9 bedrooms

870.0€ - 950.0€

large bar terrace, BBQ and paella facilities, catering on request (dinner)

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Tenerife Hiking:

Tenerife is a hiking paradise, whether in the north or south or east or west. Due to the mild climate and the many hours of sunshine, hikes are possible throughout the year.

Example tours:
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Discover Tenerife


Explore the diverse landscapes in 360° panoramic pictures, provided by webtenerife.com.

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Auditorio de Tenerife


Tenerife is home to an iconic opera house, that easily compares to Sydney Opera. One of the best symphonic orchestras of spain is located in the Auditorio de Tenerife.

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Der Süden von Teneriffa