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Treatment area at Finca Montimar, Tenerife

  • Wellness Teneriffa

    Beheiztes Hallenbad mit Gegenstromanlage

    Have a look on our treatment area.

  • Aqua, SPA & Wellbeing
    at Finca Montimar

    We look forward to your visit to Finca Montimar Aqua, Spa & Wellness. Leave your worries behind, forget the stress around you and to reenergize your soul with our special wellness program on our Finca Montimar, an escape from everyday life to recapture your spirit and reclaim your body and mind. The treatments are conducted by our trained and skillful therapists who look forward to serve you on your specific individual needs.


  • Romantic wellness

    Relax and pamper yourself with your Partner in the Spa in a cosy, private and romantic atmosphere. You will first be warmed up in our infrared cabin, follow with the spa in an aromatic and romantic candlelight surrounding and enjoy with a bottle of Cava (Spanish Sparkling Wine). At the end, you can relax and rejuvenate your body and soul on our heated water bed with soothing music.

    Price: 25, - € per hour / couple

  • Cleopatra-Bath with Rose Petals – bathing like a Queen

    Finca Montimar: Aqua & Spa Cleopatra Blütenbad

    The beauty of the legendarily Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was mostly due to her legendary bathing. The Cleopatra-Bath is a relaxing and luxurious bath which comes with added milk and scented oils. The moisturizing effect of the milk protects and nourishes your skin and this has been enhanced by the aromatherapy oils. The Cleopatra-Bath gives a relaxing effect on muscles and the autonomic nervous system. Your skin will become more firm from the minerals, vitamins and lactic acid contains. It has been found that the Milk consists of lipids which have chemical peeling effect on your aging skin and to restore your skin. Enjoy the pleasure in a relaxed atmosphere with music and candlelight.

    Duration: 30 min.
    Price: 35, - €

  • Saltwater-Bath

    Indulge yourself with our Saltwater bath in the whirlpool with which has been enriched with 6% sea salt. This bathing experience is particularly suitable for people with skin problems, allergies, colds and metabolic disorders. The brine increases perspiration which triggers a variety of pollutants from the skin in order to relieve the skin diseases and stimulate the blood circulation. It cleanses the body and serves to strengthen the immune system. Just tub yourself in the whirlpool, unwind and enjoy!

    Duration: 30 min.
    Price: 25, - €


  • Full Body Relaxation Massage

    This traditional European massage will improve the blood circulation and to release the tension on the muscles and joints. A range of essential oils are used with the treatment:

    • Calendula Oil

      Get cold easily? The Calendula Massage Oil provides sense of vitalizing and comforting the impulses for the tender and sensitive skin. The gentle and fresh citrus fragrant enlighten the senses and stimulating a calm and good mood.

    • Lavender Oil

      This oil emits the heat and the scent of Provence to provide a pleasant effect on the body and mind to nurture a pleasant and peaceful sleep

    • Birch Oil

      Tune into the shape with our Birch Cellulite Oil. Your skin will gain new vitality and becomes smoother and firmer.

    Duration: 60 min.
    Price: 69, - €

  • Back and Neck Massage

    Finca Montimar: Aqua & Spa Handmassage

    It relieves your tension on the back and neck. The arms and hands are also included in the massage.

    Duration: 30 min
    Price: 45, - €

  • Hot-Stone Massage

    Aqua & Spa, Finca Montimar: Hot Stone Massage

    Warm and smooth Basalt stones will be placed and used gently to massage the body. The heat penetrates into the body to promote blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and local blockages. The deep heat also penetrates into the tissue which provides relaxation and wellbeing.

    Duration: 90 min
    Price: 85, - €


    ("Ayur" = longevity, "veda" = eternal wisdom)

    A healing method originated from Indian is now used in massages and treatment with the combination of herbs and hot oil. The massage is performed mainly in a soft, rhythmic circular and stroking to cleans the body’s toxins and strengthen the immune system. The flow of the energy in the body is activated hence promoting a deep relaxation. Take your time to experiencing yourself and feel your body draws power. Indulge yourself into a world of warmth and scents.

    • Ayurvedic Full Body Massage

      This gentle, healing and soothing Ayurvedic Massage has the effect in releasing stress, mental and physical exhaustion as well as solving sleep disorders. Ayurvedic oils help to detoxify the body.

      Duration: 80 min.
      Price: 79.-€

    • Ayurvedic Synchronous Massage

      Finca Montimar: Aqua & Spa Ayurveda Synchronmassage

      A Four Hands’ synchronized, rhythmic and gentle massage with hot oils. It brings wellbeing and true relaxation. Poisons and toxins are detoxified gently from the tissues and excreted in the relaxation bath in our Nostalgia tub. The massage stimulates blood circulation and tones the skin. Treat yourself to this special treatment to reclaim your body and soul.

      Duration of massage: 60 min
      (includes herbal bath and warming up in our Bio-infrared Cabin)
      Price: 120. - €

    • Ayurvedic Foot Massage

      The feet and legs are massaged up to the knee. With this massage, the reflexive zones within the corresponding organs are stimulated. The treatment is gentle, comfortable and very relaxing.

      Duration: 45 min
      (inclusive of flower foot bath and scrub)
      Price: 45 - €

    • Ayurvedic Oil Head-massage

      Finca Montimar: Aqua & Spa Ayurveda Stirnölguss und Massage

      With this massage, well-tempered sesame oil in a thin beam is applied on the forehead. It has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system. The treatment harmonizes balances and lowers blood pressure. Hence it is ideal to people with high stress with the tendency of having high blood pressure. Then it is followed with a pleasurable head massage.

      Duration: 30 min
      Price: 49, - €

    • Deep Heat

      Finca Montimar: Aqua & Spa Infrarot-Kabine

      In all our wellness and treatments, you will have the opportunity to first warm up your body in our Bio-infrared cabin for 15 minutes which will open the pores of the skin and the subsequence oils treatment will give greater effect on your body.

    • Quiet Area

      Finca Montimar: Aqua & Spa Ruhezone

      After the treatments relaxing yourself in quiet surrounding. Our quiet area is for you by request.

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